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Welcome to Virtue Medical!

At Virtue Medical, comprehensive primary care means common-sense, straightforward care for everyone.  We are a medical home where availability and quality care are a priority from the start.

Unlike most primary care offices, this model isn’t influenced by insurance companies, boxed-in administrative contracts, investors, or “big pharma.”  This means less delays in care, fewer requirements and red tape, and far fewer pitfalls while delivering optimal care.

This is possible because Virtue Medical utilizes a rapidly-growing model of health care delivery, known as Direct Primary Care (DPC).  DPC eliminates the relentless barriers to quality care, such as high insurance costs, severely limited availability, short visit times, expensive labs/imaging, etc.  Rather than utilize the current fee-for-service health care system (insurance copays every time you need to be seen, for example), Virtue Medical exists as a completely insurance-free medical home.  Providers at Virtue Medical take on a smaller panel of patients (typically less than 20% of an average primary care physician), allow an hour per patient visit, are available by text, email, or phone (significantly fewer barriers or unanswered messages), can always find time for same-day or next-day appointments, and follow your care from outside providers and hospitals much more closely.  Even home visits and virtual visits are available.

A membership gives you as many appointments as you need, without a restriction on frequency or amount.  Routine physicals, chronic disease management, acute care, skin procedures, laceration repairs, cryotherapy, EKG’s, urinalysis, strep swabs, urine pregnancy testing, extraordinary discounts on labs and imaging, medications often cheaper than discount cards, and quick response times are all a part of what Virtue Medical offers.  And that’s just the beginning.

What is Direct Primary Care?

Direct Primary Care (DPC) is a comprehensive primary care model that improves quality and availability by removing barriers frequently encountered in the fee-for-service (insurance-based) model.  In the DPC model, the patient is central, and the clinic acts as a medical home where all of the patient’s care (both from the clinic and from outside providers/hospitals) are reviewed and managed.  Our “bottom line” focuses on something called the Quadruple Aim (for more information, read THIS article), which focuses…

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About Dr. Sharky

Hey there! This is Chad Sharky, DO, owner of Virtue Medical in Lee’s Summit, Missouri. I was born and raised in eastern Jackson county…
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Membership Benefits

Same-day visits
Virtual Visits at no extra charge
60-minute appointments
Discounts on labs, imaging, medications
Your provider is on-call 24/7
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Member and Non-Member Pricing

Virtue Medical does not bill insurance or Medicare for any services. Patients who become members of the clinic receive unlimited visits and the highest quality of care for one low monthly price.
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